Room 303, Korben Place, 91 Roces Avenue corner Scout Tobias Street, Quezon City

Kythe Contact Number(s):

+632 376-3454, +63 918-907-2094


Programs & Services:

Medical assistance – provides each of the affiliate hospitals either with medicine, medical procedures or other needs related to child’s illness.

Educational assistance – selected patients are given financial assistance in relation to their educational needs such as tuition and other fees, transportation allowance etc.

Cancer advocacy – aims to increase student’s awareness on cancer, most especially cancer in children.

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3 Responses to KYTHE, INC.

  1. Khristine Torres says:

    Dear Ma’am/Sir:

    Greetings of Peace!

    I am Khristine Torres, a resident of San Fernando, Pampanga.

    I would like to ask for medical assistance for my newborn niece Akirah Lumba Torres(4days old) who is currently confined at the NICU of Mother Theresa of Calcutta in Pampanga, a private hospital.

    The mother of the child is working as a dressmaker for Saints in their family’s little business which is quite seasonally profitable. Her husband is an on-call driver.

    My sister in law, with the help of her mother plus the money they have been saving for her delivery was brought to a private hospital to deliver my niece thru a cesarean procedure as advised by her OB.

    She delivered safely yet the child, my newborn niece was directly sent to the NICU for confinement. She was found to be very ill. When her mother delivered her, the doctor said she had no water in her stomach and the child struggled in her breathing.

    The child only weighs 1.9 when the normal us between 2.4 to 3 for filipino babies.

    The child inderwent 2D Echo and is currently under a medical ventilator or so called life support.

    In the past 4 days, the doctor said that child has been better each day but did not guarantee anything as of yet.

    I am knocking at the very core of your heart. I am currently self-employed and have done the best to help with the bill alongside my mother who is already a senior citizen, a government employee but we can only do so much.

    We have already sought the help of some relatives and friends and the parents, specially my brother, had been trying to seek help from agencies providing medical assistance for indigent people.

    The couple’s earnings along with the financial help of family and friends are not enough to cover for the child’s hospitalization.

    We have already looked for options where we can transfer the child. Unfortunately, most hospitals in Pampanga do not accept outborn patients from other hospitals in their own NICU. We have already inquired from Jose B. Lingad Memorial Hospital, a public hospital where the pedia handling the case of my niece is also affiliated with has the facilities the baby presently needs but infortunately, they do not have ventilator and they advised that if the child would be transferred, the family should rent a ventilator for the child but considering that there is only one supplier of ventilators in pampanga, we will be put on waitlist and the child could be pumped manually by her parents which is quite dangerous considering that the child’s condition is not yet stable.

    To date, the hospital bill has reached 200,000.00 plus and we were only able to settle half of it with the money we contributed. The hospital has been collecting vehemently, rejecting promissory note.

    We are trying our best but we also know that while we do that, we would have to update payment in a daily basis in the hospital as we were only allowed to have a balance of no more than 50,000.00 per day.

    We are seeking for any help your foundation can provide. You may contact Mylin Lumba Torres at 09497615128 and Kino Torres at 09566150754.

    I hope and pray that my request will be answered favorably.

    God bless you and the rest of your family members.


  2. good day po! paano po mg apply for medical assistance po para sa aking anak na si jhoane diane 11yrs old diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia PCMC ,hospital..lifetime medication at hindi po nmin kya shoulder lhat ng medicine at laboratory expences,, thank you for response and god blessed po,

  3. April grace Nardo says:

    Maam/sir ask ko lang sanah po kng nag turulong kayo for medical assistance kasi ang anak ko may neumonia tapos nah icu cya kailangan lng po namin nang tjlong po slamat po god bless

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