95 Amapola Street, Bel Air 3, Makati City

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+632 890-4539

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  1. angie says:


    I’ve seen videos of Bahay Maria and watched over those orphaned children. I was deeply moved.I am single, longing to have a child of my own to care for, a 63 year old career oriented but still energetic woman who desires a child where I can live my life through. I have established a fruitful professional endeavor for almost more than 40 years but I missed to have a family after remaining to be single for that long years. However, I never regret this fate because it was a plan of God.

    I am a religious person who handles a small group of children in our locality in the prospect of teaching them Bible, I also train children in the same manner you do and this is my present preoccupation after my retirement from my long years of professional service. I used to be an office staff initially for 12 years, a media practitioner for 8 years and former OFW for 10 years.

    I am yearning to have a company of a child because I am living alone in my house.As a final decision, I am looking forward to adopt a child at least 6 to 9 years old girl and I hope I am capable to adopt one from your institution.I am financially equipped to provide the child’s formal education and other material needs and I am mentally and emotionally stable to give her emotional comfort.

    I would certainly appreciate your feedback. If it is possible to adopt a child and if I am qualified, please inform me of the necessary procedure on this matter. Had you any other inquiry, you can immediately contact me via my mobile phone at 09087264400.

    Thank you and it is my great pleasure and happiness if you will approve my request.

    God bless,

    Angie J.Perez

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